The 'e-Xplorer' concept and prototype were designed to familiarise Industrial Design students with electronic prototyping. The main objective in this project was to bridge the gap between electronics and untechnical students and allow them to engage in a hands on learning process that is more natural and time efficient. 

The result is a series of components, each with unique functionality based on a common electronic sensor or actuator. Additionally, the system includes a tangible magnifying glass tool and a complimentary GUI. The GUI makes suggestions for application possibilities based on the components scanned by the magnifying glass. Users can experiment with three difficulty levels and make adjustments to the default code that is provided. The components can be connected with ease using the provided cables with magnetic tips. The outcome of this prototype is an interactive, easy and enjoyable learning process that is more attractive and stimulative to untechnical students.

Role : Concept Developer, Interaction Designer, Prototyping Engineer.

Academic Project, TU Delft    |    Feb - Jun 2011

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