Scottie is a device that allows people to stay in touch with one another by means of non verbal communication. It is a concept that is being developed by Waag Society to support hospitalised children (ages 8 - 12) in maintaining personal contact with their families at home. 

My task was to further develop the concept. I focused on intuitive interactivity and transformed Scottie into a tangible portal of emotions. Affective input possibilities like squeezing, tapping, pinching, shaking, rubbing or hitting could be performed on Scottie which were translated into metaphoric forms of output (consisting of LED lighting and vibrations). This input / output relationship stimulated meaningful and affective communication to occur between users. The proposed interactions were built into a pair of foam prototypes. With these prototypes, I was able to study the extent to which the target group enjoyed and understood the designed interactions as well as the interaction dynamic between users. 

Role : Concept Developer, Interaction Designer, Prototyping Engineer, Usability Tester.

Internship Waag Society    |    Mar - Jul 2008. 

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