Game Controller

In the academic project 'Designing Game Controllers', I designed a tangible game controller specifically to be used for the Xbox 360 game - Halo 3. The assignment was to design tangible control features that would make the viewing and motion controls within the game environment more meaningful to the user.  I tried to achieve this by giving these two physical controls each a distinct and understandable form. For viewing controls, I designed a semi spherical knob, which symbolizes 360º viewing possibilities. For motion controls, I designed a cylindrical stick based on the already popular arcade joystick which has always been used for motion control. The body of the controller was designed to rest comfortably over the upper leg while in a seated position. A pair of Phidget joy stick sensors and an Xbox controller trigger and buttons were integrated into the prototypes for testing purposes. 

Role : Industrial Designer, Prototyping Engineer.

Academic Project, TU Eindhoven    |    February 2009

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